Mom Rage

You promised yourself that tomorrow would be different….yet here you are.

You were never an angry person and don’t understand why this is happening. You feel ashamed that you lost your cool, again, but despite your best efforts you just couldn’t help it.

Just like many of my coaching clients, you worry that this makes you a bad mom and are scared of damaging your relationship with your kids. You want things to be different, but just don’t know how.

I get it.

I’ve been there, and so have so many moms just like you. I can help you become the parent you want to be through my signature Mom Rage Coaching Package.

Your Signature Mom Rage Coaching Package will Include:

5 individual 1:1 Coaching Sessions – Your motherhood journey is unique and you want your coaching services to be too. A generalized course just won’t cut it for you as you want to be hands-on, able to ask questions, and get customized guidance and support for your unique needs.

A customizable playbook – We know motherhood didn’t come with a manual, so together we’ll craft your playbook to tackle future issues.

Discounted additional sessions – There may be other things you want to address once we start to peel back the layers. You’ll have access to special discounts after completing your individual coaching package.

What will we Cover in the Mom Rage Coaching Package?

Your 5 individual sessions will cover the following topics:

1) Education about mom rage, overstimulation, anxiety and why we lose our cool.

2) Understanding your triggers and vulnerabilities for experiencing rage; learning actionable coping tools (including mom time-outs) to manage symptoms in the moment.

3) Identifying your needs and communicating them; discussing how rage has impacted your relationships with your children and partner and healthy ways to repair any damage.

4) Pivot, tweak and repeat; as you implement tools we’ll fine tune the approach and customize your strategies to work for you and your family’s unique needs.

5) Future prep for the inevitable tantrums in your future so you can respond to the challenges without reacting; crafting your mom rage playbook to help you navigate these situations with ease

What’s the Financial Investment?

Your Signature Mom Rage Coaching Package is $750 for 5 individual coaching sessions (a $175 savings compared to purchasing sessions individually). You’ll meet weekly with Annia, a coach and therapist specializing in exclusively working with moms.

Investing in yourself benefits the entire family. You are worth it.

I can’t wait to meet you!